A bounty is about to be delivered to your doorstep. Throughout much of October we will be sharing new content at our online museum. Our objective was to release 15 new ‘years’ before 2022, and we see no reason to wait until the holidays to bear gifts. These 15 years spans eight decades and contain hundreds of written entries, lists, photos and videos, so there will be something of interest to every generation of our thriving Washington soccer community. 

Our museum platform makes the researched and curated content easily searchable. Type in your subject of interest, and a page will populate with all the hits published to date. We believe this makes Washington’s soccer history among the most accessible in the world – and much of our history is world-class as well.

We will activate a new year on a daily basis, from October 11 through October 25. Before that, we will be sharing one of our vaulted one-on-one interviews on our YouTube channel. Our hope is to edit and produce a few more of these by next spring.

We constantly scour record books, newspaper archives and other publications to identify worthy subjects for our museum, however we are always seeking additional submissions from every corner of the state. If you have an artifact, story or milestone achievement you believe worthy of consideration, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.

As we look toward 2022, our goal is to fill the final gap in our online museum and make our history complete, from 1890-2021. To do that requires that 14 more years be researched, curated, written and edited – and we are determined to get it done. We make all this online content free to the world. But there is a cost, and we appreciate any financial support you can kindly provide. Please consider making a donation.