One of our objectives in 2020 is greatly expanding the content of our WA Legends history platform. Specifically, we plan to add up to 20 more years of great stories, photos, videos and achievements since 1950. We can do the heavy lifting – the research, writing and curation – but for our state soccer community to be properly recognized for all its achievements, we need your help.

Remember, we want to illustrate our history at all levels of the game, from each corner of the state. So, if you or someone you know possesses artifacts (photo, video, memorabilia) or a firsthand story that we should know about, please consider sharing it. And now, while we’ spending so much time at home, may prove a timely opportunity to sift through that old box of clippings, snapshots or VHS tapes. If something noteworthy materializes, please contact us about it.

In the meantime, be well and help keep others well. We look forward to reuniting with you all on the other side of this challenge.