In anticipation of the Tokyo Summer Games, WA Legends is rolling out a YouTube miniseries: Conversations with a Legend – Olympics Edition. We share our Zoom visits with some of Olympians and aspiring Olympians from the past 40-plus years. Beginning July 19 we will drop daily episodes on our YouTube channel. Our featured guests are Jeff Stock, Brent Goulet, Kasey Keller and Hope Solo.

Like us, viewers will be taken inside the Olympic experience and learn more about its impact on Jeff, Brent, Kasey and Hope. For instance, why was the Moscow boycott a mixed blessing for Stock? Which star athletes from other sports became fast friends of Goulet? Why did being left off the 1992 team prove a career boost for Keller? And why was getting a gold medal at Athens not satisfying to Solo?  

We hope you enjoy and share these with others.