Our Story

Washington as a soccer trailblazer IS the stuff of legends. For more than a century we have played and loved this game in Washington. From the Columbia north to the border, from the Palouse to the Pacific – every corner of the Evergreen State has contributed to this becoming the bastion for the Beautiful Game and a beacon for others to follow. And we must go further still.

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Courtesy of: Jane Gersovich

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Our Motto

Preserve. Celebrate. Inspire.

Our Mission

Washington State Legends of Soccer is dedicated to celebrating Washington’s soccer past and preserving its future.

The Vision

It’s the Beautiful Game so we shall always share it, respect it, love it and grow it. Washington is regarded now as the capital of American soccer. How we arrived here also defines how we will remain at the forefront of the game: our devotion to the sport, its vast array of people and empowering them to dream bigger still.


Our objective is to be a peerless, international-caliber historical society, a premier hall of fame and a destination museum for the greatest sport in the greatest state of soccer in the union. We believe Washington’s soccer history and heroes to be precious treasure and the common bond that has – and will continue – to hold our soccer community together. We are apolitical; we care about all within the game, because everybody’s had a hand in lifting Washington to the top. This is our fervent calling.

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Board Members

Washington State Legends of Soccer is led and operated by a stellar volunteer board of former and current soccer players, coaches, referees, parents and fans, and an executive director who works tirelessly to celebrate the beautiful game in Washington.


Doug Andreassen
Immediate Past President


Debbie Barlow


Frank Gallo

Kelsey Gallo

Peter Hattrup

Mike Jennings


Leann Johnson

Laurie Klein

Frank MacDonald

Frank MacDonald
Executive Director

Larry Mana'o

Cliff McCrath

Cliff McCrath

Maya Mendoza-Exstrom

James Riley

Gina Segadelli
Vice President

Dan Vaughn

Dan Vaughn

Bob Wickwire


Gary Wright

Advisory Members

Our advisory board members are passionate about the game, ardent advocates for our organization, and champions of preserving, celebrating and inspiring through soccer.


Jim Boyle

Jimmy Dunn

Pete Fewing

Pete Fewing

Amy Griffin

Gordon Lacey

Gordon Lacey

Fred Mendoza


Maryann Orwiler

Tafara Pulse

Joe Smith


Glenn White

Joe Zavaglia